Miss Mipel…

Your Italian bag

Florence, Venice, Milan, Rome … To walk through Italian historical centers and to suddenly feel the scent of leather coming from the shops where leather craftsmen, with their own art, rediscover a bag of Italian excellence. They observe it, they reimagine it, and sew it with their own hands: this is Miss Mipel.



The Miss Mipel thus become ambassadors in the world of craftsmanship, materials, and Italian style. The Mipel brand wants to represent a guarantee of high quality and elegance of fashion accessories for everyone. Strictly …Made in Italy!


One of the fundamental values of the Miss Mipel project is attention to sustainable development, which satisfies the needs of present generations without compromising the possibilities and resources of future generations. For this reason, each artisan company that will participate in the project will also be selected on the basis of compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals, dictated by the UN.



What we want to promote is a real SUSTAINABLE DESIGN that starts with an idea behind every action. A holistic approach, not limited to production alone, but referred to all areas in the life cycle of Italian leather goods. Our attention and our commitment, in fact, are and will be directed to the economic, social and environmental spheres.