Nico Giani

The colors of Florence, its scents and sounds are all embodied in Nico Giani's Miss Mipel. It was born from the eclectic mind of Florentine Niccolò Giannini, a young designer who followed the Florentine tradition in the first part of his life, and subsequently drew his inspiration from other cosmopolitan cities such as San Francisco and Paris. Nico Giani recreated a timeless bag first born 50 years ago. He modified and reworked it, making its shapes and details his own. The Miss Mipel that has taken shape is truly the result of tradition and novelty, of the past and future, freshness and refinement. Thanks to his creativity, Nico Giani sparked everyone’s desire to have a bag that combines nostalgia with the elements of the past and the need for something new. The MADE IN ITALY label of this designer is enriched by the presence of a young and ambitious team by his side, who helps bring Florentine craftsmanship all over the world.