• Arcadia


    Passion and beauty, these are the main characteristics that make the Miss Mipel of Arcadia special. A long family tradition that began when Tonino Tondi and his son Pasquale started their business in a small Italian laboratory. Today, with the same attention to detail that combines sartorial workmanship with continuous research, they create their Miss Mipel. The Arcadia team is made up of industry experts, prominent designers and a management board that manages each sector with great commitment and dedication, because Arcadia has always been a family business. The workers carefully select the raw materials and have a real attention to detail. An clever design that becomes an icon of the MADE IN ITALY label, a distinctive sign that enhances and distinguishes Miss Mipel by Arcadia.

  • Bonfanti


    In a small artisan workshop specialized in the production of briefcases and work bags, Ermogene and his wife Anita Bonfanti began their adventure as artisans. This is where the dream of their Miss Mipel was born. The Bonfanti family has managed to create a bag in which tradition and innovation are mixed, giving life to a product that breathes wonder of that old shop in which they were born. The descendants of this beautiful Italian company have contributed to creating a unique product of its kind, a product that shines with family tradition and has leaped into the international market. Miss Mipel represents all of these things, and it makes you dream of the rich past from which it’s born. 

  • Claudia Firenze

    Claudia Firenze

    In the magnificent setting of Florence, Mr. Vittorio created his first bags 50 years ago. Miss Mipel by Claudia Firenze is truly a bag with all the characteristics of the MADE IN ITALY label. There are many characteristics that make this Miss Mipel exceptional: like the ability to select the best leather and improve the technical development of the products, to name a few. The new generations of the family gave a real feel of novelty and marked a path that led Claudia Firenze to all international markets.

  • Falor


    The story begins in 1979 with the Falorni family. The Tuscan hills and their unmistakable green hues are the wonderful places where the Miss Mipel of Falor takes shape. Each craftsman gives life to a bag, first by choosing the leather and then following its realization in every step. This makes each Miss Mipel unique and remarkable.
    Giampiero Falorni, thanks to a unique woven product, has managed to be a great example of the MADE IN ITALY label over time. They currently export all over the world.

  • Mabiani


    Mario Biasutti was born into a family of shoemakers known for several generations in San Daniele del Friuli, a wonderful Italian village. The hours spent watching the passion with which the leather was cut and worked, pushed him to choose his life, to let that same leather inspire him to continue the tradition. Miss Mipel by Mabiani is part of this story. Mario Biasutti gave his art of crafting leather to Miss Mipel. He studied it and made it his own. When you touch the leather worked by Mabiani, it’s clear that the choice of leather was right. That craftsmanship blends perfectly with the desire for the new and innovative. Mabiani employs a team of artisans and creatives capable of leaping into the international market with their MADE IN ITALY label.

  • Nico Giani

    Nico Giani

    The colors of Florence, its scents and sounds are all embodied in Nico Giani's Miss Mipel. It was born from the eclectic mind of Florentine Niccolò Giannini, a young designer who followed the Florentine tradition in the first part of his life, and subsequently drew his inspiration from other cosmopolitan cities such as San Francisco and Paris. Nico Giani recreated a timeless bag first born 50 years ago. He modified and reworked it, making its shapes and details his own. The Miss Mipel that has taken shape is truly the result of tradition and novelty, of the past and future, freshness and refinement. Thanks to his creativity, Nico Giani sparked everyone’s desire to have a bag that combines nostalgia with the elements of the past and the need for something new. The MADE IN ITALY label of this designer is enriched by the presence of a young and ambitious team by his side, who helps bring Florentine craftsmanship all over the world.

  • Pelletteria Fiorentina Montecristo


    Tuscany and its tradition in the art of leather goods is the place where the wonderful team that gave birth to Pelletteria Toscana Montecristo lived their experiences. Thanks to these profound connoisseurs of Tuscan craftsmanship, their Miss Mipel is revived after 50 years, and it not only has all the characteristics of tradition but also the stitches of a new design.
    A simple pattern becomes a bag, which then becomes a timeless object and a timeless icon. Quality always comes first. This is an essential detail for this company, and its products are loved all over the world.
    Pelletteria Fiorentina Montecristo gives us a Miss Mipel that has to be a staple in every woman's wardrobe.

  • Pierotucci


    From a small shop in the center of Florence where the Florentine techniques of leather processing have been handed down from father to son, from MADE IN TUSCANY to MADE IN ITALY up to the international arena, this excellence was also given to Miss Mipel. Each bag is still hand sewn by expert craftsmen today. The leather is cut, prepared, put together, and transformed into an incredible bag that comes back to life, as first seen 50 years ago. A timeless Miss Mipel, just as timeless as the experience of Piero Tucci's artisans and his sons. It is Italian and Tuscan excellence that is brought all over the world. Elegance, beauty, luxury, tradition - these are the distinctive features of Miss Mipel, with its all-Tuscan flavor, color, and scent.  

  • Plinio Visonà

    Plinio Visonà

    Long family history and tradition. This Miss Mipel is a symbol of Italian tradition and the ability to give the fashion world a unique product.

    Thinking back to a style icon whose spirit spoke 50 years ago, Visonà manages to revise and modernize the new Miss Mipel, thanks to her vast experience and knowledge of the MADE IN ITALY brand.

    Young designers, alongside skilled workers, have made it possible to create a bag with fine leather in which tradition, culture, and love for beauty are present. Miss Mipel by Visonà is a high fashion bag in which Italian craftsmanship shows its excellence.

  • Roberta Gandolfi

    Roberta Gandolfi

    Artisans with 40 years of experience and young female souls who understand the modern style needs. Miss Mipel by Gandolfi can make you fall in love at first sight and convey emotions through the materials and processed leather. The aroma, softness, firmness, and weightlessness. An authentic sensory journey. The bag is full of details designed and put together to make each product line unique and unrepeatable. The leather, fabrics, and materials used have been carefully selected to create a bag that symbolizes rediscovered femininity, in line with the most refined trends in international fashion.

  • S.A.P.A.F.'54


    The sound of machines that cut and sew leather, the unmistakable fragrance of tanned leather - all of these represent the uniqueness and authenticity of S.A.P.A.F. They all speak of the first shop where it was born in 1954, and later introduced to the world. A great history of excellence. The same attention to detail is used today by the artisans of S.A.P.A.F. to create the new Miss Mipel. Creativity, craftsmanship and an authentic MADE IN ITALY label lead us to look into the future with an awareness that the path undertaken up to now is successful all over the world. This path led us to the new Miss Mipel bag, reinvented after having been born 50 years ago. An icon then, and a great inspiration now.

  • Tivoli


    Florence and Rome are the cities in the essence of Tivoli and the heart of their Miss Mipel. Traditional processing, craftsmanship, innovative technologies, and environmental sustainability are some of the characteristics used to create a bag that has the taste of Italy and the workers who have learned to listen to leather and turn it into a precious creation like the Miss Mipel of Tivoli. Tivoli’s artisans know how to use all types of fabric and leather, and in addition to their unified experience, they are constantly researching and refining their transformation techniques. This Miss Mipel is a bag that looks at MADE IN ITALY design and production, at the excellence of the elements with which it’s made, and at the extreme attention to our environment. Italy is a wonderful land for Tivoli, where creating is an honor. 

  • V°73


    Venice is the city where Elisabetta Armellin's dream came true. Thanks to her exceptional creative spirit, Miss Mipel by V73 comes to life. A bag for a dynamic woman who commits herself to a thousand undertakings every day: work, children, and her passions. The originality and elegance combined with the unmistakable Italian style appreciated all over the world, allows her to have a product of the highest quality. This Miss Mipel has a refined and never banal design, thanks to skilled workers’ use of the most diverse leathers and materials. Research and development of new materials respectful of nature are the hallmarks of V73.

    'With a bag, you speak your style and represent your way of being a woman. A casket that holds your life and your secrets.'

  • Valentino Orlandi

    Valentino Orlandi

    Valentino Orlandi, together with his wife Adelaide and daughters Cristina and Francesca, are the creative minds behind this Miss Mipel.

    Along with a team of designers and professionals specialized in product manufacturing, they have created a unique style that does not give its femininity up. Valentino Orlandi managed to put all the character of his High Fashion Brand in his Miss Mipel, which for over 40 years has presented itself with an avant-garde style. This is the result of research and 100% Made in Italy craftsmanship.

    Being the symbol of true excellence for the Italian territory, his workers are located in the heart of Italy, where his bags, characterized by marked creativity, are produced. Valentino Orlandi's Miss Mipel has a recognizable attitude that combines tradition and modernity.