Different hands just one   


Miss Mipel is excellence and uniqueness.

The designers of the Assopellettieri Fashion Committee created a bag model inspired by a true fashion icon created in the 1950s and distributed it to all the artisans who joined the project to personalize it, to give it their own style.

The leather used in each Miss Mipel bag already possessed the magic of reliving as a model without an equal.

What connects these leather craftsmen is the ability to think, dream and build an original and extraordinary product.

Their stories are united by their choice of using only fine leather, by their attention to detail, by the needle that flows to create a unique bag, by the love with which that needle manages to create Miss Mipel, your one-of-a-kind bag.

Stories of artisans, stories of Italian style, stories of elegance.

In one of these stories, every woman can discover her own Miss Mipel, her unique particular bag. A bag that makes her unique.  

The Miss Mipel project was born out of the genius of Assopellettieri, Italian Leather Craftsmen Association, that wanted to unite the Italian artisan world of excellence in one big project: rethinking a timeless bag presented in the first edition of Mipel, and make it visible to the whole world.

The Mipel brand represents a milestone and excellence in the art world of Italian leather goods. It represents a milestone for the MADE IN ITALY label and therefore for the whole world.